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Tips for painting a room 12 Oct 2015

The roller has a leading edge and a trailing edge, this is the direction you roll so from left to right on a wall the edge of the roller with the metal loop on is the leading edge, the end were you pushed the roller on is the trailing edge

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House Painting Cutting in 27 Jul 2015

Hints & Tips: Cutting in, this is one of the jobs that is real important to get right first time or you will end up having to repaint your ceiling or other walls, so have a read or give the professional sydney painters at Easy Cut painting a call

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Our Aim!

Easy Cut painting maintenance priority is to carry out work with minimal disturbances to occupying residences. Our aim is to work closely with clients to reduce the risk of interrupting to operations. Easy cut staff work together with clients to ensure their expectations and specifications of the project requirements are achieved

We offer a variety of services including Interior and Exterior Painting of both Commercial and Residential buildings.

Our Staff

Staff are Master Painters with extensive experience in preparation and application of paint coating and are also kept up to date with current training in Occupational Health and Safety.

Easy Cut Painting promises you a quality painting job that is clean, on time and on budget. We understand interior and exterior home painting. We have over a decade of experience in the industry and we know what it takes to make our customers happy.

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