House Painting Cutting in 27 Jul 2015

When cutting in (when two walls meet or wall meets ceiling, it is important to have a steady hand.

The use of Blue Painting tape is advised to get the perfect finish, but if you have painting experience and painters angled cut brush (not a cheap one) will be good enough.

cutting in, sydney paintersStart to paint below the line you wish to join to and move into that line with medium pressure , once the brush is at the required line, continue for as long as the paint will draw the line, then repeat starting behind where you finished and paint up to the line again this will ensure you dont get a wobble when you start.

At Easy Cut painting we are professionals and you can be assured of straight perfect lines every time and it doesnt cost as much as you think, so maybe give us a call before you start a job and see how much it will cost as you may save money as we buy all our paint wholesale so we save you money as we go.

remember a professional painter will always do a better job due to the prep time, undercoating and finish coat.

More painting hints and tips will follow, if you want a sydney painter give us a call.

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Staff are Master Painters with extensive experience in preparation and application of paint coating and are also kept up to date with current training in Occupational Health and Safety.

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