Tips for painting a room 12 Oct 2015

Check the walls for any dinges cracks or holes and use an interior filler to fill the holes first, if you have a crack in the wall use a screwdriver to widen the crack and remove any loose paint chips or plaster.

Sand when dry using a course one first eg 400 grit, then to finish off use 800 or 1200, you can use an electric sander but will make a bit of a mess, its much easier to just use a sanding block and and use a bit of elbow grease (not a real grease :-).

Scrape away any old loose paint and sand smooth, making sure to clean the dust with a damp cloth, thoroughly clean any grease or dirt as best you can as this will assist in making the paint stay on the wall.

You can use a paintable caulk, which comes in a tube similar to silicon sealant, but is paintable. DO NOT use silicon as you will never get the paint to stick.

you can sand the caulk to create a nice finish.

Personally i always prime the walls and wood with a primer first, this helps with any imperfections and problems where the paint wont stick.

sand any runs you have.

To ensure neat edges buy painters blue tape, this will help you get a nice straight finish to the walls and skirting.

stir the paint thoroughly and dont paint straght from the can, it gets messy and you dont want to put any dust or bits in it. Pour into a roller tray or an old beaker for brush work.

direction of rollerWhen using a roller, use the extender pole this will stop you hurting your back when rolling on the paint and is much faster.

The roller has a leading edge and a trailing edge, this is the direction you roll so from left to right on a wall the edge of the roller with the metal loop on is the leading edge, the end were you pushed the roller on is the trailing edge, this stops you getting big paint lines down the wall.

when painting the woodwork, new unprimed wood should be primed or paint will not apply correctly.

old wood that has already been painted can be primed with a primer that will adhere to glossy pre painted surfaces so you dont have to sand.

Any woodwork that has already been painted must be sanded

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